Uzzo Fridge Magnet
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Uzzo Fridge Magnet

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Introducing our captivating 'Uzzo' Typography Design Fridge Magnet, featuring the fiery essence of this Konkani word beautifully illustrated. The striking typography showcases "Uzzo" surrounded by vibrant flames, creating a visually stunning representation.

This magnet is more than just an accessory; it's a celebration of culture and expression. The bold design ignites the spirit of the word 'Uzzo,' evoking its power and significance in Konkani.

Add a touch of cultural flair to your fridge or magnetic surface with this visually compelling and meaningful piece of art. Perfect for those who appreciate artistry and wish to honor the essence of the Konkani language.

Crafted with attention to detail, this magnet serves as an impactful reminder of heritage and expression, making it a unique addition to any space. Celebrate the vibrancy of the Konkani language with our 'Uzzo' Typography Design Fridge Magnet today!

Product Highlights:

  • Size: 58mm
  • Design: "Uzzo" 
  • Ideal for Fridge Display
  • Handmade and Designed with Care
  • Glittery Paper for a Sparkling Touch
  • Magnet at the Back for Easy Attachment

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